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National Pigeon Association

Reading Show

Best In Show, Exhibition Homer belonging to Hetherington & Rudd

Southern Counties Show Racer and Flying Breed

 The societies open show held Sunday 27 December

American Show Racer cock was Best in Show, bred and shown by Savage & Tyson

Jean Mackintosh Best tippler, Savage and Tyson Best in Show and Best Opposite Sex with an American Show Racer. Steve Carey Best West and Kenny Whiting Best Racer


British Jacobin Society Darlington 2016

Judge Ahmad Allehyani

193 entries

Champion: Jim McGarrigle AOC Adult cock Reserve: Jim McGarrigle Splash adult cock Best Young Bird: Jim McGarrigle Yellow cock Best opposite sex: Jim McGarrigle Yellow hen

Best Red: Pat McKiernan Best 2015 Red: Mr & Mrs F James Best yellow: Jim McGarrigle Best 2015 yellow: Jim McGarrigle Best Black: Jim McGarrigle Best 2015 Black: Jim McGarrigle Best White: Benson & Ball Best 2015 white: Jim McGarrigle Best Splash: Jim McGarrigle Best 2015 Splash: Mr & Mrs F James Best Almond: Benson & Ball Best 2015 Almond: Jim McGarrigle Best Bar: Jim McGarrigle Best 2015 Bar: Jim McGarrigle Best Kite/Dun: Mr & Mrs F James Best Kite/Dun 2015: Mr & Mrs F James Best AOC: Jim McGarrigle Best 2015 AOC: Jim McGarrigle

Classes, entries in brackets.

1 Red hen 2015 (3) 1st J Peat & son 2nd Nick Smith 3rd Nick Smith

2 Red cock 2015 (6) 1st Mr & Mrs F James 2nd Mr & Mrs F James 3rd Nick Smith 4th Nick Smith

3 Red hen yearling (5) 1st Mr & Mrs F James 2nd Pat McKiernan 3rd Nick Smith

4 Red yearling cock (4) 1st Mr & Mrs F James 2nd Nick Smith 3rd Nick Smith 4th Nick Smith

5 Red Hen adult (5) 1st Mr & Mrs F James 2nd Pat McKiernan 3rd Nick Smith 4th Nick Smith

6 Red cock adult (13) 1st Pat McKiernan 2nd Mr & Mrs F James 3rd Jim Greeves 4th Nick Smith

7 Yellow Hen 2015 (1) 1st Jim Greeves

8 Yellow cock 2015 (4) 1st Jim McGarrigle 2nd Nick Smith 3rd Benson& Ball 4th Jim Greeves

10 Yellow cock yearling (5) 1st Nick Smith 2nd Jim Greeves 3rd Nick Smith 4th Benson and Ball

11 Yellow hen adult (13) 1st Jim McGarrigle 2nd Nick Smith 3rd Nick Smith 4th Jim Greeves

12 Yellow cock adult (7) 1st Jim McGarrigle 2nd Jim Greeves 3rd Nick Smith 4th David Graham

13 Black hen 2015 (4) 1st Jim McGarrigle 2nd Mr & Mrs F James 3rd Mr & Mrs F James 4th Nick Smith

14 Black cock 2015 (3) 1st Jim McGarrigle 2nd Mr & Mrs F James 3rd Mr & Mrs F James

17 Black hen adult (3) 1st Mr & Mrs F James 2nd Mr & Mrs F James 3rd Nick Smith

18 Black cock adult (6) 1st Jim McGarrigle 2nd Jim McGarrigle 3rd Mr & Mrs F James 4th Mr & Mrs F James

19 White hen 2015 (2) 1st Jim McGarrigle 2nd Andrew Muryn

20 White cock 2015 (3) 1st Jim McGarrigle 2nd J Peat & son 3rd Andrew Muryn

21 White hen yearling (5) 1st David Graham 2nd Jim McGarrigle 3rd David Graham 4th Andrew Muryn

23 White hen adult (7) 1st Jim McGarrigle 2nd Jim Greeves 3rd Andrew Muryn 4th J Peat & son

24 White cock adult (15) 1st Benson & Ball 2nd Jim McGarrigle 3rd Jim Greeves 4th Nick Smith

25 Splash hen 2015 (6) 1st Mr & Mrs F James 2nd Mr & Mrs F James 3rd Jim McGarrigle 4th Mr & Mrs F James

26 Splash cock 2015 (11) 1st Mr & Mrs F James 2nd Andrew Muryn 3rd Jim McGarrigle 4th Jim McGarrigle

29 Splash hen adult (14) 1st Mr & Mrs F James 2nd Jim McGarrigle 3rd J Peat & son 4th Jim McGarrigle

30 Splash cock adult (13) 1st Jim McGarrigle 2nd Mr & Mrs F James 3rd J Peat & son 4th Mr & Mrs F James

31 Almond hen 2015 (1) 1st Jim McGarrigle

32 Almond cock 2015 1st Jim McGarrigle

36 Almond cock adult (6) 1st Benson & Ball 2nd J Peat & son 3rd Benson &Ball 4th Nick Smith

37 Bar hen 2015 (1) 1st Jim McGarrigle

40 Bar cock yearling (1) 1st Jim McGarrigle

41 Bar hen adult (2) 1st Nick Smith 2nd Nick Smith

43 Kite/Dun hen 2015 1st Mr & Mrs F James 2nd Mr & Mrs F James 3rd Mr & Mrs F James 4th Nick Smith

44 Kite/Dun cock 2015 (1) 1st Mr & Mrs F James

47 Kite/Dun adult hen (6) 1st Nick Smith 2nd David Graham 3rd Nick Smith 4th Nick Smith

48 Kite/Dun adult cock (5) 1st Mr & Mrs F James 2nd Mr & Mrs F James 3rd Nick Smith 4th Nick Smith

49 AOC Hen 2015 (1) 1st Jim McGarrigle

50 AOC cock 2015 (2) 1st David Graham 2nd Jim McGarrigle

54 AOC Cock adult (5) 1st Jim McGarrigle 2nd Jim McGarrigle 3rd Nick Smith 4th David Graham

Mookee Club Show

Winners are:
1. Black- A Andy Hopson , 2. Dun- W Telford, 3. Blue- D Richardson , 4. Yellow - A Hopson , 5. White- D Richardson, 6. Brown Bar- D Richardson , 7. Cream Chequer- D Richardson, 8. Lavender- W Telford, 9. Yellow Chequer NWF- D Richardson, 10. Red- A Hopson.
130 entries

The National Homer Show

13th December 2015


 Best in Show Ottley & Bossmeyer White German Beauty Homer

 Reserve BIS Hetherington & Rudd Blue Chequer Genuine Homer

 3rd Opal American Show Racer Carla Wilson

 4th Dark Chequer Show Homer DE&S Bramley

 Best Antwerp Smerle Ken Goodman MBE

 Best Scandaroon Dun R&B White

 Best American Giant Homer Blue Grizzle Hetherington & Rudd

 Best Exhibition Homer BB DE&S Bramley

 Best Antwerp Blue Chequer Andrew Emerson

 Best Carrier Black Andrew Emerson

 Best Barb Red Andrew Emerson

Antwerp Smerle Club Show

Best in Show - Messers Bates & Jeckell

Dragoon Club Show

Best in Show Mr & Mrs Elsdon

Modena Club Show

Best in Show John Walkers Andalusian Schietti Cock 

Best Gazzi Dave Barracloughs Young Silver Dun Cock

Best Barb and Best in Show Andrew Emerson Adult Black Cock.

Best Carrier Andrew Emerson Yearling Black Cock

Best Scandaroon B&R White (Barry & Dave) Adult Red Cock

Best Young bird in Show B&R White Dun Hen Scandaroon

Best Young Barb Andrew Emerson Yellow

Best Young Carrier Andrew Emerson Black Cock

2014/2015 championship show winners

Please scroll down for a list of Results and Show Reports

2014/2015 NPA Championship Show Results

East Of England October 2014. Best In Show,White Indian Fantail ,Ian Sharples

South Coast  October 2014. Best Fancy In Show, White Old Dutch Tumbler. Aled Bradbourn

East Of Scotland 2014 Best In Show ,West of England,  Alistair Robertson

Egremont 25th October 2014,  Best In Show, Genuine Homer, Keith Robson

Modena Club Show, 25th October 2014,Supreme Modena ,Yellow Self Schietti Adult Hen .R Nicholson.

Dragoon Club Show 25th October 2014, Best In Show, Silver Chequer Hen P Littlewood & Son

Barb Carrier & Scandaroon Club Show, 9th November 2014, Best In Show ,Red 2012 Carrier,  D Bramley

Airdrie & Coatbridge November 2014 ,Best In Show, Brown Mookee, Billy Telford

London & Essex 15th November 2014, Best In Show ,Black  West Of England  Brian  Ritchie

Lancashire 15th November 2014, Best In Show,  Voorburgh,  Billy Telford

Suffex 22nd November 2014.Best In Show , White King, Sheila Goodman

BPSS Pickering December 2014 Supreme Champion, Red White Side Muffed Tumbler, Tony Braid
Reserve Show Champion Jacobin, Jim McGarrigle

Nottingham 28th December  2014  Best In Show  Horseman Pouter ,Evan Murray
Swansea 3rd January 2014, Best Fancy ,Black Adult  Magpie R & K Pratt, Best Young Fancy, Show  Homer, Mark Rudd

Reading Gold Cup Show  11th January 2015  Best In Show  Adult West Of England  Dave Baker ,Gold Cup Winner for Best Young bird in Show  Blue Voorburgh of Billy Telford

Blackpool 17th/ 18th January 2015, Best in Show  Archangel  Alex  Mclaren,

Champion of Champions Horseman Pouter Evan Murray 

Egremont Fancy Pigeon Society Championship Show 25th Oct 2014 - Secretary Mark Rudd

The Phoenix Rises Again!!!

25th October saw a new chapter begin in the life of Egremont Fancy Pigeon Society with the Club holding its annual Championship Show at the Borderway Mart Exhibition Centre in the border city of Carlisle.

During the Clubs thirty four year history, we have had to relocate our event a total of seven times and on one occasion due to an unscheduled Prime Minister’s visit to the Sellafield Nuclear site by the “Iron Lady”!!!

It was with a little bit of trepidation that our committee decided that after the demise of Whitehaven Civic Hall as a venue at the end of 2013, the club would relocate its show to the Carlisle area, it was either this or the lose this championship show for the fancy.  Due to the clubs location in the west of the county a penning contractor would need to be engaged, this was a move away from the clubs previous ethos of self penning and so in turn keeping the entry fee to a minimum, therefore trying to attract a decent entry.

So for the 2014 event it was all change, new venue, no limit to entries and relying on others to make the clubs event a success! The new location would include a two hour round trip for the committee to run this event but this would be outweighed by giving something back to the fancy!

A fortnight before the closing date we had an entry of about 600 and it looked as if the event was not going to be viable from a financial point of view as the club had costs never encountered before. The show committee were more than happy with what happened closer to the run up to the show, receiving 80+ entries on most days which collectively added up to a total of 1560 which is 389 entries up on the 2013 event.

With this level of support from the fancy it was imperative that the club delivered an event worthy of the exhibitors support!

Firstly a big thank you to David Pritchard, Carolyn Charlton and all the staff at Harrison & Hetherington who made the transition to Carlisle very straight forward and for allowing the Club to use these first class facilities to stage our event. Nothing was too much trouble and they made us at ease in our new surroundings. Also a big thanks to Amy and her staff for keeping all the judges and exhibitors well fed for the duration of the Show.

Another big thanks to the clubs sponsors, Sean Morrow and his team at Premier Penning for a first class job in staging our event with a great layout, nothing was too much trouble and further reduced the stress levels associated with running this event. Big thanks Sean!

Without the support of the exhibitors with entries, judges giving up their time and knowledge these shows would not happen. It is these aspects that ensure enjoyment is had by all through meeting at these events; sharing the pigeon banter this is what makes fancy pigeon keeping such a great hobby!

The club would like to show its appreciation to the Breed Clubs that have supported this event in the form of a Regional Show these were; The United Fancy Homer Club, The Fantail Club, The Scottish Tumbler Club, The Limerick Tumbler Club and the British Old Dutch Capuchine Club.

Also a big thanks to the Anglo Iberian Cropper & Marchenero Cropper Club, which held its club show in conjunction with our event, this boasted an entry in excess of 100 exhibits and was quite a spectical! Well done to all involved.

A special mention to the judges who stood in at the last minute due to some judges cancelling their appointments.

At Egremont we have always tried to give something back to the fanciers that attend our event and that we are successful at it. This is in the form of sponsorship from many pigeon related firms, again this would not be possible without these kind gestures from; Premier Penning, Carrs (UK) Ltd, Orego-Stim, Osmond’s Ltd, Harkers Ltd, Aviform Ltd and Millbry Hill.

A new sponsor for 2014 was Nick and Louise South who kindly donated a Bag of Pigeon Feed for each Section Winner. Nick and Louise run L.E South Pigeon Products from Drax, North Yorkshire, a big thank you from all involved with Egremont Fancy Pigeon Society! Also for each section winner there was a cut glass tumbler donated by the Club.

A big thank you also goes to the private sponsorship received from Michael Purdam, David Wilson and Mark Rudd and not forgetting John Hanson of Australian Decals who’s Pigeon Artwork was on show inside the Exhibition Centre on show day.

Another first this year was a £50.00 special given to the Best in Show winner by Ian Trohear of Lazy Loppers gardening services from Cockermouth, Cumbria. Also there was a very kind gesture from Richard Greenwood who donated a pair of his top class Marchenero Cropper to be raffled with all proceeds going to the Club, many thanks Richard!

Also the Club would like to thank Manfred Hauff and Steve Barrows for donating the pictures to the Club that were on display on the day, and the Newcastle Columbarian Society for loaning the Club, their painted pigeons, many thanks!

The pigeons that won their respective sections were as follows: Structure - Ian Sharples, Egremont with an Indian Fantail. Tumbler - M.S Knaggs & Sons, Malton with a Long Faced Clean Legged Tumbler. Form – Steve Morley, Newmarket with a Modena. Wattle/Head – K. & G. Robson, Hurworth with a Genuine Homer. Short Face – J.V & S.J Gregg, Cleator with an Oriental Frill. Blower – B.Telford, Egremont with a Voorburg Cropper. Colour/Toy – Denis Ison, Lockerbie with a Saxon Priest. RVPC – David Richardson, Wolsingham with a Polish Lynx. Owl/ Any Other Variety – David Muir, Airdire with an Old German Owl. Trumpeter. Phil Bewick, Sunderland with a German Beak Crested Trumpeter. Juvenile – Sam Neville, Cupar with a Modena and Flyer – Alastair Robertson, Glasgow with a West of England Tumbler.

The Best in Show Panel had an “Eastern” feel with the services engaged of John Postill, Harrogate, Club Sponsor Sean Morrow, Leamside and a welcome return to the fancy show scene by David Graham, Durham, big thanks gentleman for a very professional job.

The winner of the Best in Show award went to the husband and wife team of Keith and Gillian Robson with an Adult Blue Genuine Cock, I believe this bird won its section at this show two years ago, so no stranger to success. Congratulation’s Keith and Gillian!

Reserve Best in Show went to Billy Telford with a Blue Voorburg Hen. Second Reserve was Phil Bewick with a Blue Grizzle German Beak Crested Trumpeter and Best Young Bird was the Blue Modena from Steve Morley.

Blue was the colour of the day and well done to all involved!!!!

Hopefully with the success of the 2014 Show this can be built on and with the continued support from exhibitors with entries, this event can be made into an even better show next year. I certainly know that’s what the Egremont Show Committee will be endeavouring to do for 2015.

I’m pleased to announce the venue has been booked for 2015, so its all systems go for an even better show!

I would like to finish by thanking all of the Egremont Show Committee for being a great help not only on the day but also on the Friday for the setting up period, these were Andrew Stables, John & Steven Gregg, Billy Telford, Ian Sharples, John Barnes, Donald Maudling, Vic Bland and Mr & Mrs Crowe.

Also a special mention to all the Section Managers who ensured that all the relevant exhibits were involved with each section award, checking the whole process was fair and transparent, thanks for your involvement. Also Brian Turner from Barrow who took photos on behalf of the Club.

Finally a big thanks to my assistant Secretary Fiona Telford, Helen Seed, Evan Murray and Evelyn Gregg for completing all the necessary paperwork, and all the Committee, Judges & Exhibitors who stayed behind to give a help with taking the Show down, you are a credit to our hobby!

Lancashire Show Pigeon Society Championship Show 16th November 2014. Helen Seed Secretary.

Sunday 16th November saw Lancashire Show Pigeon Society Championship Show return to a familiar location, all be it in a new arena and a new secretary in charge but back at Myerscough College where the show has been held several years ago.

My first year, I think everything went as I had envisaged, planned and worried about over many weeks, had I done the right thing moving locations, changing to a Sunday  show, would we get enough entries to cover the costs etc. Thankfully entries although slow to come through finished 437 up on 2013 which was fantastic and I really appreciate the support.

I must say as there’s a lot of work to be done to run a Championship Show and a lot of things to consider, only once having done the entire process from start to finish do you really appreciated how hard people work to put on a show for us all to enjoy. If it wasn’t for a couple of people, who know who they are, I perhaps would have struggled to produce what I did. For that they need a huge thank you, they guiding me through the process of, where to start, what needed to be done by when and how but yet still allowed me too put my stamp on the show.  (Even if it was a tad girly!!)

 I really do hope everyone who attended the show had a great day out and liked the new updated look to LSPS.

Myerscough College International Equine Arena was our venue for the 2014 Show, good location not far from the M6 motorway and the large well lit & warm arena, seemed well received.  Here we could not have been made more welcome by all the staff at the college, who provided us with everything we needed, including excellent catering facilities; many thanks go to the Kelly, Carole and their staff.

Setting up took place on the Saturday evening after a dog agility show, some of which we managed to watch, there was everything from Jack Russells to Great Danes taking part. Yes Great Danes can weave and go through the small tunnels. We set to work around 6pm when David and his team arrived and in no time they had the pens up, exactly as I wanted. Although there was only myself, mum and my brother there it really didn’t take as long as I had thought to set up, maybe the hours spent planning and organising all the boxes of things required paid off?

Thanks must go to the Norfolk Boys, Brian, Phil and Rodney who were staying over the night before the show, just down the road, kindly called up to the arena and  helped with the pen numbers, tying tops and putting in all the inserts for the blower pens, it really did help! Thanks also to go to for Egremont FPS for the loan of the inserts and numbers.

To the show day itself, arriving very early to triple check everything, which trust me I had already done several times before, I penned my birds and was ready to meet and greet the exhibitor and judges as they arrived. It wasn’t long before all the birds where penned and we were ready to start the days judging, thank you to those judges who stood in at the last minute to cover classes where the judges weren’t in attendance. I had an excellent team on the top table completing the NPA certs and paperwork in Gill and Evan, Mum and Joanne on the raffle and to those people who volunteered to steward for judges, thank you, it really does help when we can spread the workload.

Lancashire Show is the home of the Homer Club Show, judged this year by Richard Greenwood. Many thanks to all the members for their support. Photos can be seen at

Best Genuine Homer and Best Young Genuine Homer Blue Chequer, Hetherington & Rudd.

Best Young Show Homer and Best Young Homer Red Chequer Hetherington and Rudd

Best Show Homer and Best Fancy Homer in Show D E & S Bramley's Dark Chequer Yearling Cock.

Best Exhibition Homer D E & S Bramley, Blue Bar

Best 2014 Exhibition Homer N&M Wrights Blue Chequer

Best German Beauty Homer and Best Young German Beauty Homer Andrew Emerson

Best Antwerp Alan Rundell


Now to the all-important winners, thank you to the judges who took care of selecting the birds and they selected as follows;

Section 1              Head & Wattle                  David Bramley, Show Homer                                                       

Section 2              Structure                             Philip Hankinson, Frillback                                                             

Section 3              Tumblers                             Robert Gibbins, Muffed Tumbler                              

Section 4              Form                                     Hayden Bogle, King

Section 5              Short Face                           J V & S J Gregg, African Owl

Section 6              Colour                                   Dennis Ison, Fairy Swallow

Section 7              RVPC                                     Adrain Waldron, Pomerarian Pouter

 Section 8              Blowers         Billy Telford, Voorburg

Section 9              Trumpeters/AOV             Dick Crook, Syrian Swift                                  

Section 10           Fancy Flyers                       Jeff Davies, Show Roller                                                

Section 11           Young Fanciers                  Lewis Fryer, Old Dutch Capuchine                                             

Section 12           Working Racers                 John Turner


All the Best of Breed winners can be found on our website, along with a full catalogue of entries.

Best in Show this year was judged by Keith Robson, Tom Crane, John Graves, John Sharpe and Keith McIntosh, using the points system and believe me it was close, only 2 points between the top three birds. Best in Show went Billy Telfords Voorburg, winning 2 bags of Corn and Pureflax along with the Gerald Morris Salver. Reserve Best in Show John Greggs African Owl wining a bag of Corn and Pureflax. Best Young Bird Jeff Davies Show Roller winning 1 bag of Corn and Pureflax. Also collecting specials where Best Working Racers and Best Junior Exhibit, they each received a bag of corn and every section winner received a bottle of Pureflax.

Our event this year was kindly sponsored by Bamfords Topflight, thank you Alan & team!

Looking forward to 2015, with a good up take on membership to LSPS in 2014, I am in discussions with Royal Lancashire Show and we are currently working on staging a Summer Club Show in August this year, I will of course be in touch with you all to let you know how this progresses. Remember regular updates will be posted on facebook and on our website

Our 39th NPA Championship Show has been booked for Sunday 15th November and if any breed club has any class requirements or has appointed judges then please can I ask you to make contact with me before the end of April. I have also taken on board comments from our 2014 show regarding litter in pens and even though we aren’t the only show that doesn’t allow litter, we are working on a suitable solution.

Many Thanks once again to everyone who attended, assisted and supported our show as without you none of this would be possible.

2013/2014 NPA Championship Show Winner

16th/17th January 2014, Blackpool Show
Best Fancy Pigeon in Show, African Owl, John Gregg
Reserve Best Fancy Pigeon, Yellow Chequer Schietti Modena Hen, Tom Elton
12th January 2014, Reading 'Gold Cup Show'
Best In Show Adult Muffed Ice, Mr Mrs Bradbourn
The' Gold Cup ' for Best Young Bird. Holle Cropper, Brian Joyce

4th January 2014, Swansea Championship Show
Best Fancy, Red Chequer King, Mr Mrs Bradbourn

28th December 2013, Nottingham  Show
Best in Show, Black Lahore, John Graves

7th/8th December 2013, Pickering BPSS+ NPA National
Best in Show Archangel, Littlewood & Roscoe
Reserve  BIS Jacobin, J McGarrigle

23rd November 2013, Newcastle
Best in Show,  DK Chequer Show Homer, D Bramley
Reserve Best, Blue Laced Polish Lynx, D Richardson
23rd November 2013, Suffex Show
Best Fancy Blue Grizzle King, Mr Mrs Goodman

16th November 2013, London & Essex
Best Fancy Muffed Ice, Mr & Mrs Bradbourn
16th November 2013,  Lancashire Show
Best in Show African Owl,  J. V. & S. Gregg

9th November 2013, 'Feathered World' Show Barnsley
Best Fancy  Black Pied African Owl, John Gregg
Reserve Best Fancy, Show Homer, Mark Rudd

2nd November 2013, NPA National Young Bird Show Nottingham
Best in Show Brunner Pouter, Nick Dawyd

26th October 2013 , Egremont Championship Show
Best in Show, Show Homer, David Bramley

20th October 2013, South Coast Championship Show
Best Fancy in Show, Blue Gazzi Modena Hen, Clay Rogers

12th October 2013,  Peterborough Championship Show
Best In Show, Cream Voorburgh Shield Cropper, Billy Telford