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National Pigeon Association

NPA Awards

The National Pigeon Association, as rewards for success, achievement or outstanding contributions to the well being of the fancy have three prestigious awards, all of which can only be initiated by either the various Breed Clubs or by the Management Committee of the Association. The final decision on recipients of the awards being made in Committee solely at the discretion of the Committee.
The awards for The Hall of Fame Certificate and The Master Breeder Certificate are awarded and presented annually, to a maximum of two recipients for each award, usually at the Annual General Meeting of the Association. The third award is for the Associations Young Fancier of the Year. As with the other two awards this one must also be originated by a Club, but not necessarily a Breed Club. (eg: the South Oxbridge Fancy Pigeon Soc could nominate one of their young members). The criteria for nominations for this award whilst being the same as for the other two, often has an emphasis on outstanding contributions to club life and its activities.
Other than the already mentioned criteria required for nominations, for the two adult awards there are three other conditions. The nominee must have been an NPA member of good standing for at least ten years, they must be nominated by a Breed Club or, in the case of the Hall of Fame award can also be nominated by the Management Committee, the third condition being that no member of the Management Committee can be nominated to receive either awards whilst they are still in office.
The nominations, together with a full documented history, proposed and seconded by officials of the Club involved has to be presented to the Management Committee before    31st of August in order for the nominations to be fully discussed in committee prior to the awards being confirmed.
It is up to you to get your Breed club to put forward the name of any fancier that you think ticks all the right boxes. If you have at your local club or show a young fancier who is always there, willing to help and to do more than a bit towards helping the club activities run smoothly then get your club to propose and second them and as with the adults get their name off to the NPA for inclusion in their discussions. They have to be in it to win it. 

Lifetime Award Winners 2016

Raymond Hetherington receiving his Lifetime Award from our Chairman Mr Evan Murray

Charlie Muir receiving his Lifetime Award from our Chairman Mr Evan Murray