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National Pigeon Association

Contact Information

NPA Membership & Ring Secretary Colin Jeckell

Email :

Tel: 07341 904617

General Secretary Helen Seed 

Contact preferred via Email: 

Tel: 07983 485614

Please leave a message or send a text.

Postal Address for all correspondence and membership

23 Trent Street, Longridge, Preston, PR3 2AH


President - Colin Jeckell

Vice President - David Iddon

Chairman - Mark Rudd

Membership & Ring Secretary - Colin Jeckell

Show Co-Ordinator - Jamie Vaughan

General Secretary - Helen Seed


Committee - Graham Bates, Ken Goodman, Graham Giddings, Nick Dawyd, Mark Rudd, Colin Ronald & Helen Seed.

Working Party (Non Committee) - Show Co-ordinator Jamie Vaughan Breed Register Co-ordinator Keith Brain.

Four committee meetings are held every year, currently in Rugby, where we discuss matters arising from the last meeting, events that have occurred in the intervening period and items raised by the committee and NPA members.

If you have anything you wish the committee to discuss at a meeting, please submit it in writing to the Secretary for inclusion on the Agenda at least 3 weeks before the relevant meeting.


ring secretary

Contact Telephone Numbers

If you wish to talk to any of our committee members regarding the NPA, Pigeons or Shows then please feel free to ring us.

Please can we request that you remain respectful of the time of your call, emails are always the preferred means of contact.

Committee members DO NOT have access to the ring list.

Graham Bates - 01692 536668

Nick Dawyd - 07739 065413

Graham Giddings - 01458 851617

Colin Jeckell - 

Colin Ronald - 07771 795110

Mark Rudd - 07725 803907

Helen Seed - 07983 485614

Jamie Vaughan - 07766 008102