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National Pigeon Association

French Jacobin Club Show

Nick Smith showing his winning bird in France today, well done and congratulations to our french friends for a fantastic show.

Nicks winning bird is the Red Yearling red cock chosen from 400 entries

Metz EE National Show

Photos from team Metz!
Congratulations to Graham Ashworth and Carla Wilson who took European Champion with Pigmy Pouters and American Show Racers. Also Ben Rennison who gained 97 points with his Voorburg!!

Houthalen International Brunner Show


Well Done to Nick Dawyd & Jodie Rixon who showed last weekend at Houthalen International Brunner Show, where there was nearly 700 brunners on show from 5 countries.
Jodie won Best Barred Brunner with a young 1.0 97 pts, congratulations on your first 97 pts!!
Nick won the Supreme Breeder Award and Golden Brunner for the Reds and Yellows Brunners. Most points in Red and Yellow and Best Collection

Well Done Guys!