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National Pigeon Association


Dear Club Secretary,

Hopefully this correspondence reaches you midst a successful breeding season with your pigeons and you are endeavouring to breed the next champion.

We have now reached the time where we are requesting your relevant material for the much anticipated NEW version of Pigeons of Today. (maybe the last version) As previously mentioned we are trying to recreate the new versions in line with the original framework of past editions, this will therefore include a description of your individual clubs’ current affairs. Equally this can include details of shows your clubs supports, who’s winning and any pigeons of particular note at this moment in time. Also, you may want to consider including any areas of the breed standard which is proving difficult to achieve or any area of the breed which is proving to be very positive and steps are being made.

Remember to capture the positives and not the negatives, promote your breed, your club and our hobby, explain to the readers why pigeon fancing and your breed should remain popular.

As per the previous editions of Pigeons of Today the current adopted breed standard with ideal drawing and/or photos of current winning birds will also be included and we would appreciate these being sent from yourselves. By doing this, the book will also double up as a current book of standards.

We look forward to your contribution in a timely manner so that we can for fill our deadlines and orders already placed.

We would like to thank you for your participation in the piece of British Pigeon history and should you have any queries please contact Colin, Mark or myself on this email address;


Helen Seed On Behalf of NPA Committee


news flash!!!!!!

Pigeons of Today was the title of a book first published in the 1930s by Watmoughs Ltd – the Watmough family had strong ties with the fancy. Father and later son Watmough were avid fanciers of English Owls, African Owls, and after WW II William Bill Watmough started breeding and showing Modenas. The book was comprised of articles on the popular breeds of the time, written by the leading authorities of the era and not only promoted the keeping of pigeons but also promoted the National Pigeon Association as the heart of the organized fancy.

It is in the spirit of this joined effort of many that the National Pigeon Association has accepted a proposal to undertake the venture of publishing a new version under the same name, representing current popular breeds.

The original idea was submitted to the NPA by Thomas Hellmann of Germany, who approached the NPA with a sample layout. After thorough discussion and clarifying some details with Thomas, the  Committee voted in favour of the project.

Thomas has a sound background in publishing and printing,he produced the 2016 handbook for the 130th anniversay of the English Short Faced Tumbler Club. The book turned out to be a great success, quickly selling out and has already become a sought-after piece for collectors. Being an internationally recognised pigeon photographer, Thomas has also offered full access to his photo archive in support of the book.

The UK team on the ground will be Mark Rudd, Helen Seed and Colin Ronald. Their task is to update the breed list for the book, make contact with the individual breed clubs for a contribution to the book and secure advert support of the project. All material will be collected, reviewed and forwarded by them.


What will be book be about?

The focus of the book will be British breeds, along with a selection of currently popular foreign breeds in the UK. This book will also be a reference for breeders and judges alike, with all current standards included for the British Breeds. It is the intention of this updated version to show that the fancy pigeon hobby is as respectable a hobby as breeding dogs and cats for shows, a hobby fit for the 21st century.


What is expected?

We aim to showcase our hobby and breeds in a positive and encouraging way. Wherever possible the breed clubs will be the leading authorities of the 2018 version since they know their breed best. We will be asking them to contribute an article on their breed of choice.


How fast is this going to happen?

The target date for publishing the book is September 2019, ready in time for the 2019/2020 show season. September next year may sound far away at the moment, but 17 months can and will fly by in no time. During this time you will be informed about the progress of the book in every issue of Fancy Pigeon World.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask us. Getting this book off the ground has to be a joint effort – greatness results from unity. 


Preferred method of contact is via email to, telephone numbers can also be found in the front of the magazine for Mark, Helen & Colin.