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National Pigeon Association

Information is taken from our publication Fancy Pigeon World

Please ensure all Magazine Fees and Affiliation Fees are PAID in full to ensure you feature.

All Registers are £10.00 per year

PAUL ALLEN - Specialist breeder and exhibitor of Frillbacks in red grizzle, blue grizzle, yellow grizzle, black and crested white. Shield marked in red. Enquiries always welcome. Tel: 01223 573168, Email:

MICK AUGER - Mookees, Indian Fantails & Kings. All in most colours, birds usually available. Tel: 01638 507617

GRAHAM BATES & COLIN JECKELL - Small stud of Dragoons, Antwerp Smerles. Over 90 years total experience in pigeons. Correspondence always welcomed after 7pm.  Graham Tel: 01692 536668, Mob: 07887 776149, Email: OR Colin Tel: 01692 405378, Mob: 07748 764089, Email:

MR & MRS GRAHAM BATES - Pigmy Pouters in most colours, English Pouters in Red and Yellow, Holle Croppers in black pied, Old Dutch Capuchines in Red and Yellow. Enquires welcome after 7pm. Tel: 01692 536668 Email:

ALBERT J BLAIR - Breeder and Exhibitor of Felegyhazer Tumblers in all colours. Birds sometimes for sale. Enquires Welcome. Tel: 01442 242455 Email:

D E & S BRAMLEY - Breeding Show Homers, Exhibition Homers & Carriers. Tel:01773827280 Email:

JUNE & ERIC CHADWICK - Breeder & Exhibitor of Clean Legged Ice, Italian Owls, Thuringer White Tails and Felegyhazer Tumblers. Birds available at most times. Tel: 01353720320

N. B. DAWYD - Brunner Pouters. Yellow, Red Selfs and Black Pieds. Small families all selected by my own hand and eye to my concept of the ideal Brunner Pouter. N. B. Dawyd.  Mob: 07739065413, Email:

ROB GIBBINS - Breeder and Exhibitor of English Long Faced Muffed Tumblers in most colour, selfs, splashes, teagers and baldheads. All bred from American Stock. Also established International Judge. Top awards and winners at all leading shows. (See show results) Birds usually for sale at reasonable prices, new starters very welcome. Rob Gibbins, 97 Raby Gardens, Hartlepool. Tel: 01429 866855. Email:

SHEILA & KEN GOODMAN MBE - Tel: 01908 643367   Sheila breeds and exhibits American Show Kings (NPA Master Breeder) and Portugese Tumblers. Ken breeds and exhibits Antwerp Smerles and Giant Hungarian House Pigeons Email:

J.V & S.J GREGG - Master Breeder of Oriental Frills since 2005. Specialist breeder of Oriental Frills, African Owls & Turbits. Consistent winners at all major Championship Shows. Enquiries Welcome. Tel: 01946 810152.

FRANK HAMMOND - Breeder and Exhibitor of West of England Tumblers of the highest quality. Dedicated to Red and Yellow balds only. Birds sometimes available between June - December. Tel: 01777 248138 Email:

JOHN S HARRISON - Breeder of pure bred English Show Tipplers. Tel: 07887 380812. Email:  Website:

R. S. HENDERSON -  Breeder and Exhibitor for over 37 years of top quality Nuns in all colours. Also quality Turbits and Thuringian Colour Pigeons. Birds from this competitive stud usually for sale from September to February. 98 Langton Road, Norton, Malton, N. Yorkshire, YO17 9AE. Tel: 01653 697997 Email:

S. W. HENDERSON - Breeder of Satinettes and Blondiettes. Email:

HETHERINGTON & RUDD - Specialist breeders of Genuine, Show and Exhibition Homers, as per country of Origin. Master Breeder of Show Homer and Exhibition Homers. Also enjoying English Owls. Enquiries welcome. Tel: 01946 825238  Email:

SALLY HUSTLER - Breeder & Exhibitor of quality Archangels, Nuremburg Larks in barred & barless, Coburg Larks in Silver Bar, Rhine Ringbeaters in mealy & red, and Competition Tipplers in various attractive colours. Enquiries Welcome. Tel: 01279 814775 Email:

DAVID IDDON – Master Breeder of top quality Modenas in Blue/Bronze Tri Gazzi and Silver Cream/Ochre Tri Gazzi. Enquiries welcome. Tel: 01584 823524 or email:

FINLAY JAMES - Jacobins, Modern Show type. Specialist Breeder, Exhibitor and Judge. Reds, Yellows, Whites and Splashes, from the best American and European Bloodlines. Also White Logan racing pigeons for feeders. Stock occasionally available. Tel: 01945 350178 Mobile: 07778 848078 Email:

BRIAN JOYCE - Breeder and Exhibitor of Top Quality Holle Croppers, White, Red and Black Self, Blue Bar, Grizzle, and Andalusian. If you want to talk Holle’s then give me a call. Tel: 01603 866499

KEVIN KELLY - Specialist Breeder of Limerick Tumblers in Ireland. European Champion 2012. Promoting and Showing Limerick Tumblers throughout Europe. Stud of Old German Owls from German Blood Lines. Shipping can be arranged. Email: Tel: 00353 863211062.

D K KNAGGS - Breeder of African Owls, Turbits, Oriental Frills, birds usually available. Tel: 01653 668321

M S KNAGGS & SONS - Long Faced Tumblers in White Selfs, Black Selfs, Barred Selfs, Baldheads, African Owls and Turbits. Specialist Breeder. New Uplands, Castle Howard Road, Malton, North Yorks, YO17 0NJ. Tel: 01653 692515

LITTLEWOOD & ROSCOE - Dragoons, we have one of the most comprehensive and competitive studs of Dragoons in the country covering most of the standard colours. Archangels a small but competitive stud of birds. Show Racers in mealy, Red Chq, Blue Bar, Blue Chq and odd colours. We are also working with Antwerps. Birds available from October through to January. Please Contact Paul Littlewood 18 Damson Ave, Malton North Yorkshire, YO17 7FR Tel 01653 489578. Mobile 07423 063177

GEORGE MASON - 53 years flying Birmingham Rollers. Kits of 20 young birds £600 Tel: 01322 700890 Mobile: 07523 027676

ALEC MCLAREN - NPA Master Breeder of Archangels, exhibitor at most shows, also Black Mookees. Birds for sale at sensible prices. Tel: 01382 562203 after 6pm

JAMES (JIM) MULLAN - NPA Master Breeder, Euro Champion Breeder, International Judge, promoting Fancy Pigeons with pride. Breeder of English Short Faced Tumblers, Marchenero and Flying Birmingham Rollers. Suspect bags investigated and verified non-explosive. All part of the service. Keep Smiling. Tel: 07713 359386 Email:

E. S. & K. MURRAY - Over 50 years of flying, breeding and showing Horseman Pouters, Voorburg Shield Croppers and Brunner Pouters. Also small stud of Steller Croppers kept. Correspondence always a pleasure. Birds occasionally available. Tel: 01159 533372 Email:

ROY PARTINGTON - Tudor Lofts, Wakefield. Proven winning birds at Championship Shows. Dedicated to breeding & exhibiting American Show Racers in all colours in bar and grizzle (Blue, Silver, Red, Cream & Indigo). Birds usually available for sale between June - December; advice for ne fanciers always a pleasure. Tel: 07958 158255 Email:

R. & K. PRATT - Muffed Ice, Fancy Homers, Dragoons, Magpies, Show Tipplers and Archangels. Quality Breeding and Exhibition Stock. 7 The Meads, West Hanney, Nr. Wantage, Oxfordshire, OX12 0LJ. Tel: 01235 868869

DAVID RICHARDSON - Mookees, Kings, Magpies & Continental Tumblers. Prize winning studs sometimes for sale at reasonable prices. Wear Cottage, 12 East End, Wolsingham, Co. Durham, DL13 3JX. Tel: 07879990467 Email:

COLIN RONALD – Figuritas, Breeder and exhibitor of the European Champion Figurita, overall winner at the International EE European Figurita Show, Valls, Spain, 2017.  A small stud of English Magpies also enjoyed. Cambridgeshire. Email:

IAN SHARPLES - Breeder and Exhibitor of quality show Indian Fantails in various colours. Tel: 07834 353169 Email:

MARTIN SMITH & DEBI BULLOCK - Argent Modenas in most colours, and Barless Racers in Blue & Brown. Correspondence welcome. Tel: 01803 400319 or 07825 588345 Email:

ANDREW STABLES - Breeder and Exhibitor of Mookees in Black, Red, Yellow and Lavender. Also small stud of Holles in self and bar. Birds available October to February. Cumbria Tel: 01768 361982

DAVID SWALES – Specialist Breeder of colour classes, and Exhibitor (now retired) of Quality Indian Fantails. Stud achieved many prizes including Best in Show Indian Fantail 2013-2016 at BPSS/NPA National Show. Birds sometimes available. Priority supply, usually free, is given to BIFC members, other National IF club members, and supporters of the breed. Tel: 07971 128587, Email:

BILLY TELFORD - Breeder and Exhibitor of quality Voorburg Croppers, Kormorners and Mookees. Birds available at sensible prices. Tel: 01946 822753 Email:

JAMIE VAUGHAN - Breeder & Exhibitor of Modenas, Old German Owls, Kings & Limerick Tumblers. Birds Normally available. Tel: 07766 008102 Email:

R.D. & B. J. WHITE Breeders of High Class British Antwerp Smerles, Barb, Carriers and Scandaroons. Correspondence a pleasure. 20 New Road, Bolter End, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP14 3NA Tel: 01494 882582.

CHRIS WILKINSON - Breeder and Exhibitor of Old Dutch Capuchines in most colours, also Old Dutch Tumblers and Polish Krymkas. Enquires very welcome anytime. Tel: 01262 469593

MR & MRS WILSON - Breeders and Exhibitors of quality Show Racers and American Show Racers. All bred from winning bloodlines and proven in the show pen. Enquires Welcome. Tel: 01469 588024, Email: