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National Pigeon Association


Affiliated Regional & Breed Clubs 2015

Contact details can be found in Fancy Pigeon World or on our Club Register Page

Breed Clubs

AICF/Marchenero Cropper Club
All Spanish Cropper Club of Great Britain
Archangel Club
Barb Carrier & Scandaroon
British Antwerp Smerle Club
British Indian Fantail Club
British Jacobin Society
British King Club
British Mookee Club
British Nun Club
British Old Dutch Capuchine Society
British Stagard Shaker Club
British Trumpeter Club
British West of England Flying Tumbler Club
Chinese Owl Club
Colour Pigeon Show Society
Dragoon Club
English Owl Club
English Short Faced Tumbler Club
Fantail Club
Frillback Club
Ice Pigeon Club of Great Britain
Lahore Club
Limerick Tumbler Club UK
Long Faced Clean Legged Tumbler Club
Magpie Club
Muffed Tumbler Club
National Horseman Pouter Club
National Modena Club
Northern Roller Club
Old German Owl Club
Owl, Frill & Turbit Club
Rare Variety Pigeon Club
Runt Club
Scottish Fantail Club
Swallow, Saxon & Thuringer Colour Pigeon Club
United Fancy Homer Club
United Pouter Club
United Show Tippler Club
Voorburg Shield Cropper Club

Regional Clubs

Airdrie & Coatbridge Fancy Pigeon Club
Bideford & Southwest T & W of E T Society
Bradford Pigeon Fanciers Society
British Show Tumbler Society
British Pigeon Show Society
Caernarfon & District Show Pigeon Society
Cambridge Columbarian Society
Cornwall Fancy Pigeon Society
East of England Roller Club
Egremont Fancy Pigeon Society
High Wycombe Fancy Pigeon Society
HOT Pigeon Society
Kings Lynn Fur & Feather Society
Lancashire Show Pigeon Society
London & Essex Show Pigeon Society
Midland Columbarian Society
National Peristeronic Society
Newcastle Columbarian Society
North West & North Wales Columbarian Society
Northern Counties Flying Tippler & Tumbler Society
Nottingham Pigeon Fanciers Club
Reading Fancy Pigeon Club
Royal Pigeon Racing Association
Scottish Flying Breed Club
South Coast Fancy Pigeon Society
Southern Counties Show Racer & Flying Breeds Club
Suffex Columbarian Society
Swansea Variety Pigeon Club
Young Fanciers Pigeon Club