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2016 AGM - Obituaries

2016 saw sadly the passing of the following fellow fanciers


Mrs Jessie Dolier the beloved wife of the Horseman Pouter Club president Mr James Dolier Jessie was well known by many of the horseman and flying fraternity up in Scotland and for many years did a lot of work behind the scenes in the formation and running of the club. Since Jessie met Jimmy pigeons were in her blood and when Jimmy worked away Jessie would attend to the birds and in fact has probably pulled the hood over more doos than many of the fanciers flying today.


Joe Mullholland, brother of Jim Mullholland, two brothers who were extremely close, they flew and showed birds together and were a big part of the HOT crowd as well as members of the Horseman Club.


Chris Gibbs, a very keen fancier and breeder of Archangels, Flying Tipplers and Competition Rollers. Chris was a valued member of the Midland Columbarian Society and Archangel Club, he will be very much missed as he always had a happy demeanour sharing a joke or two and a great help at the shows.


Mal Watts, a pioneer of the Indian Fantail, who had kept Indians for over 37 years. Mal helped develop the modern structure bird in the montage of colours we know and enjoy today, his passing is great lost to the breed and club.


Kenny Nichol, a true pigeon fancier who kept many breeders including wests, exhibition roller and tipplers, flying roller, show racers and racing pigeons. Kenny was well known on the show circuit, who won many prizes not only with his fancy pigeons but also with his racing pigeons in the Scottish National.


Joe Fletcher, always present at the Nottingham shows, he loved his pigeons and got great joy from being at the shows. He never moaned about the results, winning wasn’t important just being there was enough. Although starting out in Chinese Owls and Carriers, his main breed was Thuringian Croppers and later the Horseman.


Philip Canham, known for his love of the Holle Cropper a breed he had as a young child and recently took back up after spending many years Racing Pigeons. Phil travelled with his good friend Brian Joyce to many European Shows and visited many Holle Cropper lofts. He was always happy to stop and talk, share stories and no doubt have us all laughing.


Ralph Sargeant, was so well known in the world of pigeons, always in demand to judge no matter where he went. Ralph was involved with many clubs and had a variety of breeds over the years, most recently concentrating on improving Argent Modenas. He also had geese, ducks, swans, birds of prey – a real bird man. Ralph was a true fen man and had an unbelievable depth of knowledge of the great outdoors, from dragon flies to types of thistles.


Denis Ison, a leading fancier for well over 50 years, Denis was highly successful breeder of many varieties of pigeons. Amongst these with he met with much success were the short face tumbler, long face tumbler, barbs and carriers but perhaps he will be most remembered for his affection for German Toys and swallow varieties. Saxon shield, red in particular were a great favourite and are lead to believe the first breed he kept in his school day. Dennis held many position and was involved in a vast number of clubs and societies and well as being a good all-round judge.

2015 AGM - Obituaries

Arthur Hunt - Arthur was well known throughout the Fancy for his stud of Brunner Pouters. He had been loyal to this variety for man many year, through highs and lows and had served as a club secretary and office holder. Arthur had done much winning including winning the Gold Cup but win or lose Arthur never changed he was always a happy and jovial character.

Tom Wilkinson – Tom from Workington Cumbria, was a member of Egremont Fancy Pigeon Society and always attended the club shows. Tom loved to fly his Horseman Pouters out with his race birds. Tom was a perfect gentleman immaculately dressed in his tweed and deerstalker

Vic Bland – Vic from Workington Cumbria was a very keen fancier and loved to show his Indian Fantails at many Northern shows including the club show held at Pickering. Vic was always on hand on a Friday night to well with the setup of Egremont Championship Show. Vic will be sadly missed.

Danny Roberts – Danny lost his fight to Cancer in January. Danny was born in Hemsworth, Yorkshire in 1957. He was well known to the fancy for his German Beauty Homers, Brunner Pouters and Mookees, Danny was a strong supporter of the Agricultural Shows as well as the Championship Shows and Club Shows, Bradford Pigeon Fanciers Club was the Club Show he never missed, and the Boxing Day show at Bradford was sadly Danny's last show. He loved the outdoor life, Fishing was a passion to him and Motorbikes, he owned a couple of classic Bikes at one time. Danny loved his time helping out on a farm nearby, the Farmer respected Danny's Knowledge when it came to selecting Calfs to keep for the next season. Danny would always be there when the roads were covered in Snow driving the Farms tractor to clear any roads blocked by it, it was touching to see the tractor he drove leading the hearse to the Crematorium driven by the Farmer he helped. Danny will be missed by many, his funeral proved that he was a much loved man with the amount of people paying their respects. Gone is a true gentleman.

Dickie Lanagan – I was saddened to hear the passing of our friend Dickie, Dickie was a great friend and a true gentleman. Dickie has shown West of England Tumblers for many years, he was always smiling telling jokes, putting sweets in your hand and always lit up the room, he will be sadly missed by all who knew him.

John Hall – A true bird man, John was not only a keen pigeon fancier but also well known within the water fowl fancy. John had a tremendous stud of Toulouse geese and over the years John and his team of Toulouse became the stuff of legends, the name Hall and Toulouse go hand in hand and John has amassed more “ Exhibitor of the year “ and “ Best in shows” than any other breeder. A feather merchant who will never be replaced and his loss will be felt across many livestock communities.

Gordon Brookes – Gordon was one of the founders of the British King Club and was devoted to the breed. He was regular showman achieving many accolades within the club.

Flt. Lt. Basil Jennings Retd. - Patron of the British King Club, Basil was one of the early King breeders in the UK and was fundamental in the formation of ‘The British King Club’ in 1987. A founder member, the clubs first President. He was always willing to help new members; he happily provided good stock to help them become established in the breed. He would regularly attended and exhibit at shows and was a mine of information about the breed. Basil was a stalwart, and a great fancier who will be missed by all members. 

Bill Dale – Bill was a keen breeder and exhibitor of American Show Racers and Antwerps and supported the Homer Show in its early days. Bill also enjoyed watching football and supported Manchester United. A true character and gentleman who was always willing to help.